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Reporting Schedule


Hazardous Materials stored on-site

Annual chemical inventories for the preceding calendar year must be filed on March 1st of each year according to Ohio Revised Code 3750.08. This includes inventories for all substances exceeding 10,000 pounds at any time that are classified as hazardous under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard as well as, Extremely Hazardous Substances that exceed listed thresholds.

These inventories must be forwarded to:

  • Cuyahoga County LEPC
  • Ohio State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)
  • Local Fire Department

Cuyahoga County LEPC strongly encourages using Tier2 Submit software. Tier2 Submit is free and easy to use. Tutorials, FAQs, and more can be found here

Fee for filing Annual Chemical Inventories

Fees for filing annual chemical inventories are due to the Ohio State Emergency Response Commission on March 30th of each year.

SERC Filing Fee forms can be found here.

Toxic Release Inventory

The Toxic Release Inventory must be forwarded annually on July 1st to the Ohio EPA and the USEPA. This inventory is a mass balance for chemicals that enter and leave manufacturing facilities each year. For more information about this program please visit the Ohio EPA TRI Website.

Risk Management Plans

Many facilities storing significant quantities of extremely hazardous substances are required to complete Risk Management Plans (RMPs). The chemical accident prevention regulations require full updates and submission of the RMPs at least once every five years or when there is a significant change in inventory. For more information, visit the U.S. EPA's website here.