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What to do in a Chemical Emergency

If you see a hazardous materials emergency:
  • Immediately move away from the hazard
  • Call 9-1-1 to report the emergency

Do NOT attempt to put out fires with water or rescue injured people. Trained and qualified individuals will do that.

If you are notified of a chemical emergency:

  • Prepare to get yourself and your family out of the area, if directed by authorities.
  • Move crosswind (in a direction so that the wind is blowing from your left to right, or vice versa, but not into your face or behind you). This offers the best opportunity for avoiding the path of the release.
  • Be prepared to protect yourself wherever you are if evacuation isn't possible or necessary.
  • Go into your house or a nearby building, or get in your vehicle. Stay inside and wait for the emergency to pass. Studies have shown that even poorly sealed buildings offer some protection against dangerous amounts of gas entering the building.
  • Remain calm and wait until receiving further instructions before taking any action