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Chemical Accident Prevention and Safety

The following documents or links offer both general and technical information regarding risk reduction, inherent safety and site security.

Information about Population Protection and Facility Emergency Planning

What to do in a Chemical Emergency
Know when to Shelter-in-Place or Evacuate

Information about Inherent Safety, Hazard Reduction and Process Safety Management

OSHA- Process Safety Management

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Environmental Health Watch -Chemical Plant Safety and Security

The LEPC regularly monitors emergency releases of Hazardous and Extremely Hazardous Substances. These cases are reviewed regularly by the LEPC Spills Subcommittee to determine if proper verbal and written notice has been provided per the Emergency Release Notification Guidelines for Cuyahoga County. The Spills Subcommittee also reviews the frequency of reporting to discover ways to reduce the number of accidents and increase public safety.

Information about these spill notifications can be obtained by downloading, completing and mailing the LEPC Public Information Request Form. The LEPC has been monitoring emergency releases since 1987 and receives 35 to 50 notices per year.